Hi guys, thanks for stopping by!  As you might have noticed, we are nature lovers and road trip junkies. My wife and I take every chance we get to see new places.  This site is a reflection of our passion to travel and explore.

In our travel team, I’m the photographer and my wife, Elizabeth, is the travel agent :).  She loves to find the locations (at affordable prices), and I take the photos for the website for us to share with you.

Hiking and camping has always been a part of my life, and when I met my wife, it became something we shared together.  It has become our “thing” to explore new hiking trails and take road trips everywhere. 

Over the years, we’ve seen photos, read blogs, and watched videos of others’ adventures around the world.  We’ve been inspired not only to explore, but to also share our experiences.

Join us as we discover what’s beyond the horizon.

Happy adventures!
-Ryan and Elizabeth